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Pakistan’s religious and political elites almost universally keep clear of debating blasphemy laws in a country where criticism of Islam is a highly sensitive subject. Sherani, who has hit the headlines in recent weeks after his council obstructed a bill to deter child marriages, did not disclose his own position. Salman Taseer, a prominent liberal politician, was killed by his own bodyguard in 2011 after he had championed the cause of a Christian woman sentenced to death under the law. Wholesale Religious Rosary For sale His members’ decision this month to block a bill to impose harsher penalties for marrying off girls as young as eight or nine has angered human rights activists.The head of a powerful religious body said on Thursday he is willing to review Pakistan’s harsh blasphemy laws that critics say are regularly misused and have led to the deaths of hundreds, to decide if they are Islamic."The government of Pakistan should officially, at the government level, refer the law on committing blasphemy to the Council of Islamic Ideology.

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws mandate the death penalty, although no sentence has been carried out. But Muhammad Khan Sherani, chairman of a body that advises the government on the compatibility of laws with Islam, told Reuters he was willing to reopen the debate and see whether sentences as harsh as the death penalty were fair.Senators have since debated whether the council, in its current form, is right for the modern democratic Pakistan that PM Nawaz Sharif has said his country must represent. Presenting evidence in court can be considered a new infringement, so judges are reluctant to hear cases. Even rumours of blasphemy have sparked rampaging mobs and deadly riots."Then the council can seriously consider things and give its recommendation of whether it needs to stay the same or if it needs to be hardened or if it needs to be softened," Mr Sherani, dressed in a traditional black robe, said."I don’t believe my son can commit such a crime with his stepmother.A Pakistani woman — wife of a legislator — alleged that her stepson had raped her.

Police investigators are grilling the 35-year-old son of the religious scholar for raping the 25-year-old woman at a house in Hassan Town. A teacher and a religious scholar, Ghiyasud Din, remained member provincial assembly of the Punjab during 1985-88 and 1997-99 and returned to Punjab Assembly for the third term in general elections 2013.The police is investigating the allegations on the basis of which a rape case has already been registered in Lahore’s Sabzazar police station.However, the 67-year-old member of the Punjab provincial Assembly Abu Hafs Mohammed Ghiyasud Din — a religious leader belonging to the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) — said his son did not rape his second wife.The police arrested Ghulam Mohayuddin two days ago after the woman filed a complaint with the Sabzazaar police station. This is a conspiracy, and this is untrue," he said.Abu Hafs Muhammad Ghiyasud Din, father of eight, said a little piece of land located in Hassan Town "is the basic dispute" between his son and his second wife.

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Most importantly, he declared — despite one of his principal aides fulminating in recent months against the "tyranny of the unelected" — that he gave more importance to Rajya Sabha because there "cannot be any discussion where there are no elders". Mr Modi ticked off the tu-tu main-main or tit-for-tat approach in political discourse between ruling party and Opposition and made an impassioned appeal for reasoned debate. This discussion on intolerance in Parliament was necessitated because it mired public discourse in recent months.In February, Mr Modi made an impactful statement spelling out the government’s determination to prevent any religious group from inciting hatred against other communities.Mr Modi’s reassurances to Parliament are welcome but not enough. "Christmas is a religious festival and has been celebrated for over 2000 years. NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik said no leader could be bigger than Jesus Christ.D. A government resolution (GR) in this regards said "despite having public holiday China Wholesale Cord Rosary Manufacturers on December 25, the employees should celebrate it as good governance day as it is the birthday of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

However, Congress and NCP have objected to the celebration asking how good governance day can be celebrated when the government is not functioning. Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant ridiculed the idea. This is hurting religious sentiments of the people," Mr Malik said.Maharashtra will celebrate Vajpayee’s birthday on ChristmasThe Maharashtra government has decided to celebrate December 25, birthday of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, as good governance day, despite it being a public holiday due to Christmas." Mantralaya, the seat of the state government, and government offices at the district level, would be expected to organise the programmes. The Christmas holiday has not been cancelled, but the state has asked its employees to voluntarily conduct training programmes on the day on right to information, right to service, stress management, and ideas to run the government. We are not asking them to cancel their holiday, but to keep the programmes mentioned in the GR. "They have not cancelled our holiday." The Maharashtra government employees union has said it is ready to conduct one of the programmes as directed by the GR. We do not mind conducting one of the programmes on the day," G. Kulthe from the union said.

Meena said, "The good governance celebration is for creating awareness among employees. "How can one celebrate good governance day when the government is non-functional. They also said that the decision would hurt religioussentiments.S. How can the government celebrate the former PM’s birthday on the same day Mr Vajpayee’s birthday can be celebrated later also. Principal secretary of the general administration department P. We are not against celebrating the former PM’s birthday but it is illogical," he said.The survey conducted by Ipsos MORI, a London-bas-ed market research firm, polled 25,000 people from 33 countries and found that while people "over-estimate what we worry about", a lot of major issues are underestimated. The rankings of the nations were based on the "Index of Ignorance" which was determined by questions about wealth that the top one per cent own, obesity, non-religious population, immigration, living with parents, female employment, rural living and Internet access.While Israel significantly underestimates the proportion of female employment (by 29 percentage points), people in countries like India, Mexico, South Africa and Chile all think of more women in work than really are, it said.

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